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SCE O-Ring Wire and Sealants Overview

SCE O-Ring Wire and Sealants Overview
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O-Rings? O-Yeah! How to Select, Design, and Install O-Ring Seals

O-rings are the epitome of elegant engineering: The ring itself costs only a few cents, and the groove it goes in is simple and easy to manufacture. But despite this simplicity, the resulting seal is able to reliably hold many thousands of psi of pressure. O-rings are definitely a machine design component you’ll want to be familiar with, and in this video, we’re going to tell you all about how to design seals with them.

Parker O-Ring Handbook: http://www.parker.com/Literature/O-Ring%20Division%20Literature/ORD%205700.pdf

Companion Blog Post: https://tarkka.co/2019/03/24/o-rings-o-yeah-how-to-select-design-and-install-o-ring-seals/

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O-Ring Model

The O-Ring theory of development deals with how firms and economies are organized when one weak link in the production process can destroy the entire value of production. The model has implications for wages, inequality, and big push theories of development.

Development Economics course: http://mruniversity.com/courses/development-economics-0

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