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'아이스크림+붕어빵' 달달한 최고 조합 - 수원 행궁 공방거리 / Fish Cone Ice Cream / Korean Street Food / Taiyaki

아이스크림 붕어빵 (Fish-Shaped Bun with Ice Cream) - 4,000원

미니미 : 이거 예전에 첨 나왔을때 그렇게먹었는데ㅠㅠㅠ아직도나오나봐요
Truman Knowles : This is very very nice

네일연장 재료 가격 네일연장법 네일연장팁 셀프네일연장 초보 가능!

#네일연장 #네일연장재료 #네일연장가격

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Thank you so much for your sweet comments.
I will repay you with my good video. Thank you :-)♥

기분좋은 댓글들 남겨주시는 소중한천사님들 정말감사합니다
제 노하우영상으로 보답할게요!!! 노력하겠습니다♥️ 호다닥♥️
밀키 :
핑크땡땡이 : 우와.. 아크릴파우더를 저렇게도 사용할수있다니!!!!
혹시 얇은손톱 보강시에 베이스바르고 아크릴에 담그는 방법도 가능할까요?

그리고 통통튀는 영상 너무좋아요
융이 : 우아 완전 꿀팁이에요! 아크릴 구매하시길래 당연히 리퀴드로 올려주시나 했는데 완전 간단하게 가능하네요 ㅎㅎ 꼭 따라해볼게요! 감사합니다 쌤~~
유려니December : 카누팁으로 해도 상관없을까요? 제거는 어떻게하나요?
사일이 : 저 연장이라고는 카누팁밖에 몰랐는데 팁연장 쉽게 알려주셔서 감사해요. 영상마다 생각도 못한 노하우를 풀어주시니...그저 감사합니다.

Celestion's F12-X200 + F12M-150 Full Range Live Response Speakers Meet Line 6's HX Stomp XL + POD Go

Celestion's Full Range Live Response speakers put the live feel into your favourite modeller!

This is the second in a series of videos featuring the F12-X200 and F12M-150 Triple Cone Full Range Live Response speakers. Doug Doppler demos the speakers in a range of cabinet configurations playing styles and guitars; using your favourite modelling hardware. This video features Line 6's recently released HX Stomp XL and POD Go Wireless.

TIMELINE FOR PART TWO // Line 6 HX Stomp XL + POD Go Wireless
0:00​ Main Intro
2:35​ A/B Overview w/ Frequency Curve Chart + Demos
4:36 MARSHALL 1960A 4x12 Cabinet Demos (F12-X200 and F12M-150 Triple Cone)
7:26​ LINE 6 DT25 Demos (F12M-150 Triple Cone)
9:50​ MARSHALL Valvestate Demos (F12-X200 )
11:49 Speaker Replacement Tips

PART ONE // Neural DSP Quad Cortex

For more information on the F12-X200 and F12M-150 Triple Cone, including where to buy:
Techo13 : Nice job again Doug. Awesome to see someone showcasing these great speakers the way they are supposed to be used. Great playing too!
Jason Knott : Would It make sense to replace the speaker in an old Line6 Flextone II with one of these? I sometimes run my podx3 into the effects return of that amp if I need a monitor. Or would that amp already have a full response speaker in it? BTW, I'll probably change out that X3 for a Pod Go Wireless sometime soon, I hope.
Chris Alexander : Great video. If you had a combo with 2 speakers in it, would you put one of each of these speakers in it?
sahara lei Luna : Very nice brother Doug
Doug Doppler : Hey Techo, MUCH appreciated. And if I'm totally honest, these speakers do the heavy lifting 'out of the box' - they just sound right, especially in cabinets and/or combos that were made for guitar, the latter preferably with an FX loop. And with that said, thank you kindly:)




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